Regional Director's Message

Hosnia Hashim, Regional Director, Middle East

Dear Section Members,

Happy New Year, I wish all of you, your family and loved ones a great year ahead.

2012 is upon us, it is time to conquer challenges and reach out for new horizons and opportunities. Please take a moment, and think of new innovative ways to make SPE more successful. Please do communicate your ideas either to myself or to SPE staff. This will allow us to serve you better and facilitate the needs of the industry. Let's make 2012 an innovative year.

In the tradition of recognising excellence and contribution to the industry; the nominations for the Middle East Regional Awards (MERA) 2012 is now open. Nominate your peer for this prestigious award by February 15 2012 at These awards recognise individuals that have made a significant contribution to the industry. I encourage all of you to look around and see who amongst the great people surrounding you deserve to be nominated for such an award.

In the New Year, SPE will continue to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and share ideas, answers and resources through our programs and activities. It is the constant quest for the exchange of knowledge that saw SPE membership reach 100,000 in November 2011. This is a milestone for SPE and indeed a historical moment. I am proud to be a member of SPE as I am sure all of you are. It is your continued support that has allowed us to reach this goal.

I also ask all of you to utilise SPE meetings around the region to your advantage, SPE staff and volunteers put a lot of effort in to ensure the best quality meetings take place at your doorstep. They give you an opportunity to discuss and disseminate knowledge and technology.

Hosnia Hashim
Deputy Managing Director (North Kuwait) of Kuwait Oil Company
and SPE Regional Director for Middle East, North Africa and India