Young Professionals

YP Activities Relaunch

 In recent years there has been no direct support or activities directed at Young Professionals (YPs) in the Northern Emirates Section. I was elected to the Board this year to solve that problem.

This January, a new Young Professionals Committee of SPE NE Section has been formed.  The mission of this Committee is to identify, engage, and develop SPE members 35 years old and younger by providing relevant technical resources and networking opportunities. YPs makes up approximately 30% of the SPE NE section members.

The Committee was founded to bring together people in an atmosphere of education and fun. It provides a strong combination of professional development, technical learning, social networking and educational support.  The committee will help Young Professionals to share their career development in the industry with students at universities.

Another objective of the committee is to promote young professionals within SPE as a whole, and to learn more about the opportunities that SPE, as an international professional society, can bring to young professionals.

In 2013, The Committee plans is to facilitate monthly events focusing on career development, personal develop-ment, technical topics, and social activities. Such events would become a base for technical inspiration, knowledge of the industry and professional and social networking.

If you qualify as a YP then please do not hesitate to get in contact. The more the merrier!

Message from the YPCC Chairman

Be a part of YP Revolution!

The Young Professional Coordinating Committee (YPCC) has taken substantial strides since its inception. Are we ready to take the next step towards shaping the future and facing the challenges of our industry? We have a perfect opportunity through SPE to expedite our transformation into skilled professionals. Three strategic objectives will serve as guiding principles for all YP initiatives:

  • Technical development
  • Leadership development
  • Integration and engagement

I am very excited about the new strategy, changes, and new initiatives that will come from it. I invite every YP to join this revolution and get involved with SPE. Together we can make a better industry and a brighter energy future for the world.

Abhijeet Kulkarni
YP Coordinating Committee Chair-Elect

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