Lama Mattar, Publications Chairperson

The SPE NE section has launched a new volunteering Campaign (Energy4Me) to familiarize the younger upcoming  generations of high school students , with the oil & gas industry professions, especially petroleum engineering and various responsibilities of a petroleum engineer. The focus also is to give them a "Career Guidance" about petroleum engineering and universities offering petroleum engineering curriculums.  As the average age within the Petroleum Industry increases, and demand for oil & new challenges arise, we need  to attract more of the younger generations to study & work in the oil & gas sector especially in the upstream sector.

The aim for 2013 is to target 4  schools in Dubai to cover a wide range of students who would consider Petroleum Engineering as a future career. The first school targeted was Jumeirah College. The feedback was extremely positive from a population of around 20 students.

The presentation was a simple, entertaining , interactive session where students were able to realize the importance of the Oil & Gas by relating to simple petroleum products  around them as well as realizing the great demand for new technologies by learning interesting facts and important statistics about oil & gas and their products.

The next step in this campaign is to plan to reach out to a larger population of students and teachers. If you’d like us to present at your schools, please contact us at We will get in touch with you immediately.